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ArtVirsa is a world of exceptional and extraordinary products, from one-of-a-kind handcrafted items to vintage treasures. Our mission is to retain human connection at the core of commerce in this current era of rising automation. For this very reason, we created a platform where creativity may thrive fully driven by people. We aspire to transform the handmade and craft professions, therefore, with ArtVirsa, craftsmen and artisans may promote their work globally via our innovative platform. ArtVirsa offers a diversified collection of handmade masterpieces, with which you may decorate your home, or can gift someone a special handcrafted item. On ArtVirsa, artisans work with a variety of raw materials like glass, ceramic, paper, wood, and wrought iron etc. Their masterpieces are not only beautiful to look at, but also a true reflection of the artisans’ passion, which inspired them to create such ideas and produce such exquisite works of art. We would like our clients to take enormous pride in owning one-of-a-kind masterpiece handmade item displaying the unique craftsmanship of a truly creative and passionate artisan.  Your one-stop destination for anything uniquely handcrafted is ArtVirsa.com. We are Proud Partner of Novelops.com.pkSurplus.com.pk , Simulationsx.com , Pakistanimart.com.pk , Godaamconnect.pk/ , National Foods , Theotherbazaar.org

Our Vision

Surface the Beautiful Treasures of Handmade Art Heritage in a Sustainable Manner.

Our Mission

The ‘ArtVirsa’ Project desires to play the key role of: 
Storytelling of the beautiful treasures of handmade art heritage of our region ArtVirsa aspires to be the resource that enables crafts sold not only as objects but rather stories as well as ideologies. Becoming the instrument via which, the artisans can connect with the global audience, ArtVirsa vows to make not just ’sales’ but ‘dialogues’ between the artisans and their patrons, fostering the ‘co-creation’ possibilities Bringing artisan settlements, the social and economic benefits. ArtVirsa commits to collective growth while keeping all the good practices for sustainability intact.
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Office 101, First Floor, M-1, Modern Colony, Manghopir Road, SITE, Karachi, Pakistan.

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